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About Grampa Bardeen

Grampa Bardeen’s is a family business headed by John Bardeen (son of Grampa Paul Bardeen) and run with the help of his four sisters (Dione, Jan, Pat and Kathie) and his two daughters (Tara and Kellyn). The Extended Bardeen Family represents over 400 years of carving experience!

John Bardeen, Master Carver:

Young John BardeenAccording to my sister Kathie, I started carving pumpkins at the age of four. I took a sabbatical for some years in college, but resumed after the birth of my first daughter. When I helped launch the first pumpkin carving kit with my sisters shortly thereafter, I ended up carving hundreds (and hundreds) of pumpkins for demonstrations and publicity. The pumpkins I carved were seen everywhere from Monday Night Football to Good Morning America and The Today Show. I have become a ‘Master Carver’ because of all this experience and now it’s my pleasure to share my know-how with others.